Building the road.

Building the road.

After purchasing the property in January 2021, the first project to get done was building the road. There was a natural clearing that we decided would be a great first campsite / home-base, it was located smack in the middle of the property  on the highest point of the land. It had access to the stream at the bottom of the hill by way of old logging skid roads. 

Nick has a background in construction and excavation so he was confident in doing all the work. That February he set up our canvas tent with a wood stove and camped out, falling trees where the road would go.

By spring he was ready to rent a machine and build the road. It took about 35 loads of gravel to cover about 700 feet of new driveway. 

With the road in, we were able to start on our campsite and spent as many weekends as we could camping that first summer. 



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